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College/ University

We work the game so you dont have to.

Student Athletes

In today’s competitive sports market, there are more athletes than opportunities. Therefore, an athlete must take advantages of all the resources available to maximize their chances of getting noticed!


Is your child involved in athletics? Do they have what it take to play at the next level? Would you like to lighten the financial load of a college/ university education? 

High school/Rep coaches

High school/ Rep coaches will have access to our game hosting platform, where you will be able to review and download game footage and speak to players through instant messaging.


Our database helps to streamline the recruiting process by enabling scouts/recruiters the ability to connect directly with prospective student-athletes in seconds.

The Eye in the Sky Never Lies!

Our recordings also double as a great coaching tool. It can help coaches show their athletes what they’re doing wrong, as well as what they’re excelling at.

Why Athletic Showcase?

Athletic Showcase provides a combination of resources in order to capture, edit, educate, and market individuals to prospective scouts/recruiters. Why contract your work to multiple people when we can be your one-stop-shop?

Game Recording

Game Recording WEB

Our game recording services allow our clients to focus on their performance while remaining confident the event will be captured in full HD. Athletes will then be able to use the footage in their individual highlight videos.

Online Community

Online Community WEB

Our online community allows both players and coaches the ability to view and download game/ practice footage. Scouts and recruiters also have the ability to survey potential recruits.

Video Editing

Kiron at Computer WEB

Our video editing services ensure our clients have a polished, personalized highlight video that displays their athletic talents in order to capture the attention of scouts and recruiters.

D1 schools in the US

CIS schools in Canada

D2 schools in US and Canada

CEGEP in Canada

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It is very difficult to get scouts/ recruiters to come watch an athlete play without first watching footage of the athlete in action. This is especially true for scouts/ recruiters from the United States to come watch a Canadian athlete.

Therefore, an athlete needs high-quality game footage to create a highlight video worthy of a scout’s/ recruiter’s attention!